5 tips to avoid cheating in online games

5 tips to avoid cheating in online games

Cheating is a common way of playing: users want to enjoy the easy process or show off. But when it comes to online games with inner funds in them, cheating might become an unwanted case for the business owners. This Maxpay article describes the industry, explains how the system can be tricked, and how to avoid cheating.

Online gaming in 2022

According to Filmora, the global gaming market revenue in 2021 was nearly $179 billion, while for 2022, the number is predicted to rise up to $196 billion. The general increase in revenue has been visibly higher in the last seven years, most likely because of the improvements in technology. 

WePC claims that the most popular game platform is the smartphone, nearly 45% of revenue in 2021 came exactly from smartphone games. In the second place, we have console games with 28%, then go PC games with 19%, followed by a low percentage of tablet and browser games.

Regarding the age of players, Cloudwards says most of them, almost 40%, are in the age of 18-34, followed by players under 18 years old with 20% share, and at last the category with 15% of 35-44. This explains in-game purchase activities due to adult independence. 

Why does cheating happen in online games?

Cheating in online games is the breaking of established game rules or mechanics to get an unfair advantage that converts into various benefits such as money, achievements, experience, power, and so on. 

The exact definition of the process always relies on the game-specific and its internal rules, such as which action is forbidden. Players can cheat by using third-party software or malicious activities.

In eSports and gambling, cheating means a fraudulent attempt to get extra points convertible directly to money or inner currency points. Another reason to trick in eSports and gambling industries is to gain extra experience points that also can be exchanged for different benefits. In one way or another, these specific online businesses attract money hunters and relatively fewer power hunters, like in cases with more classic video games.

Reasons to cheat in online games

  • Gain inner currency
  • Obtain extra experiences
  • Have access to unlocked items and spaces
  • Possess the better gamer status
  • Complete the game for 100%
  • Enjoy easy gaming

Types of cheating in online games merchants must know about

To trick the system, people turn to several options. The first one is to modify the code; this is possible when the game exists on the device, so when it is downloaded. The second option is to alter a specific component of the game, which often relates to video games. And last two options are within and out the game manipulations, which are the threat to online gaming. Exactly here lay all the fraudulent actions and malicious online account attempts.

Game code modification

A lot of cheats are applied by modifying game soft. The game software is distributed in binary-only versions, making it challenging to adapt the code, yet reverse engineering is not impossible. Besides that, data files can be modified separately from the primary code source and so get around protections put in software.

System software modification

Instead of changing the game code, there is a way to modify the underlying system components. For example, the graphics driver changes that nivilate depth checking and make all items on the screen as a primitive wallhack. System and driver changes are harder to identify cause there are many system drivers that vary from player to player.

Within game manipulation

Within the game, manipulations are about actions that let an online gamer trick the system to get some convertible points. For instance, creating two accounts and playing against each other or creating many accounts to get entry bonuses. These cases might seem innocent, but when it comes to betting or gambling, they are dangerous.

Out-of-the-game manipulation

Out-of-the-game manipulation includes all the malicious attempts outside of the online account. For example, the attempts to steal or hack an account, fishing emails to obtain the password, and other malicious moves. Scammers do this to steal the account to possess its bonuses, points, and experience or simply to use another player for their own goals.

How to avoid cheating in online games?

As a merchant, to avoid cheating in online games, first of all, you should choose a reliable provider that offers protection within the merchant services. Merchant services include payment systems, merchant accountschargeback protection, fraud prevention, etc.

  1. Anti-cheat programs. Implementing programs to avoid cheating is a quite good option. But in any case, the flaws can be found. Also, there are security matters such as privacy; thus, anti-cheat programs can not access all the needed information about the user.
  2. In-game bans. To avoid cheating, an online business can ban those players that exceed game limits. It is a good and necessary practice in online gaming but beware of users with multiple accounts.
  3. Hardware bans. Hardware bans solve the problem of in-game bans. Basically, no matter how many accounts a player has, if the hardware is banned, they can not enter the game using the same device.
  4. Community support. By including the community, you raise awareness and get help from responsible players. Good tactics, even if it seems that it brings not much.
  5. Fraud protection. Fraud protection prevents hacking and malicious attempts regarding accessing accounts. Fraud prevention services are mandatory for any online business.

Fraud prevention and chargeback protection measures

To secure your merchant account from fraud and chargebacks, we recommend Maxpay. It is a reliable provider that has experience in working within the online gaming industry. Maxpay provides full support regarding security and other merchant services. The provider works with businesses in the UK, USA, and EU, including Germany. To find out how much the full security pack will cost for your business contact our sales department.


How do online games prevent cheating?

There are many ways. We recommend focusing on fraud prevention. To do so, check out Maxpay and its fraud protection measures.

Is it possible to stop cheating in video games?

No. There will always be users that will cheat. Well, in the innocent way of just enjoying the game, that is not bad, but when the game involves actual money, measures must be taken.

How can we stop cheating in eSports?

We can not. But we must apply all the services possible to minimize the risk. In any case, the respectable gamer will never cheat.

Why do cheaters cheat in online games?

There are many reasons. Some do it for easy playing, to enjoy the process. Some do unlock features and locations. Some apply it for showing off. And some categories of users do it to gain points and items, with the goal of converting them into money. The last option is the word for the business.