Get ready for your approval rates to jump up with our new 3DS Service!

Get ready for your approval rates to jump up with our new 3DS Service!

At this point, the 3D Secure protocol is inseparable from other key solutions in the financial world. Merchants, especially those in Europe, are well-acquainted with it as well, as it is mandatory because of PSD2. Moreover, businesses from other countries have also started implementing 3DS2 on their websites, as they want to ensure a safe shopping experience for customers.

Unfortunately, merchants also experience some problems with the 3DS verification process. They argue that many banks that provide such services are sometimes clunky and unstable. It results in approval rate drops and loss of clients. 

To counter the negative effects our merchants can run into, the team developed our very own Intelligent 3DS Service! It means that instead of using the external solutions of other banks, we will handle the 3DS transaction verification with our 3DS Service. 

What is a 3DS service? 

They are involved in a process when businesses accept payments from their clients online. In the EU, such transactions must be carried out with the help of 3D Secure verification. In other countries, the US, for instance, 3DS is not mandatory, but some merchants enable it for customers to ensure the security of payments. As a result, clients need to additionally verify their purchase via a one-time password, mobile banking app, or biometric verification. 

During the payments process, the merchant’s bank receives the purchase request with 3DS authentication and directs it to the 3DS service, which in turn, redirects it to the card issuer (Visa, Mastercard). Then it finally reaches the bank issuer. 

Why use Maxpay’s Intelligent 3DS Service?   

Our team ensures that we deliver the best solution possible for our clients. Before the release, we tested the 3DS Service and received very impressive results:

  • For our European merchants, the approval rate increased up to 15%;
  • For clients outside Europe (e.i. The US and others), the rate grew up to 10%;

The Intelligent 3DS Service proved to be more efficient and flexible, supporting both Visa Secure and Mastercard ID Check. And the best part is that Maxpay’s team will always stay in control, which means we can always customize and improve the 3DS Service according to our clients’ feedback. 

We also allow merchants to look through and examine their 3DS transactions from our dashboard. The Intelligent 3DS Service is certified with EMVCo 3DS version 2.2 and fully complies with PCI DSS and PCI 3DS. 

The 3DS Service is already available for all Maxpay’s clients, as well as merchants that use other financial institutions. To enable it, please contact your dedicated account manager or email us at