Maxpay Launches Multi-merchants functional for Merchant portal

Maxpay Launches Multi-merchants functional for Merchant portal

Dear partners!

We are glad to announce that our platform has received another useful update.

This time it will solve the problem of managing and controlling several projects or individual business lines. We understand the problem that many our clients face when increasing the volume of business and the growth of the company. Those cases when one project grows into five independent directions, which need to be controlled daily, taking into account the peculiarities of legal models. To do this, you need to open an appropriate number of personal offices in banks, payment providers, various CRM, etc. And still need to think about how to give employees, the number of which also grows, the right access, corresponding to their authority and responsibilities. We also know this problem, so we implemented a new functionality that allows you to control everything in one place from the Maxpay Merchant portal.

So, about the new changes:

Merchant portal Maxpay has become a single point of access for Merchants, who have 2 or more directions / projects of payment business. Having a single login you get access to all your projects in one office. I’ll describe the main features of unified access:

  1. A Merchants Switch is a mechanism that allows you to switch between your projects in one click. You do not need additional authorizations, there is no need to remember and store access to all projects. In order to monitor and manage the situation on the project: make payments, create payment widgets, set up conversion logic, etc. – you just need to switch to the desired project.
  2. Business overview – the aggregation section of the Merchant portal. Let’s consider separately both its sections:
    • Analytics – is an intuitive analytical portal where you can easily customize the output of necessary information, save frequently used filters for quick report generation, and export data. All the reports included in the section are supplemented with the “Merchant name” filter – this allows you to receive information about your projects, either together or in the context of a particular project.
    • Balances by Merchants – earlier we already talked about the uniqueness of balances on our platform. The section provides the possibility of a two-level view of balances throughout your business: level 1 – project balances (Merchant), level 2 – allows you to decompose the balance for each project, in the context of the MIDs used. At both levels, balances are displayed for the currencies used with the total for the project (Merchant) and for the whole business.

Sincerely we hope that this decision will significantly reduce the time spent on the regular management of your business, and use the saved energy and time for further growth and development of your company together with Maxpay.