Maxpay Launches a New Platform for Merchants

Maxpay Launches a New Platform for Merchants
Maxpay Becomes Signature Member of Merchant Risk Council

On January 10 2016, Maxpay announced the official launch of their out-of-the-box payment solution for merchants – Maxpay PSP. The platform includes a full range of services: quick and simple registration that allows merchants to start accepting payments in a few clicks, processing analytics, and advanced tools that help merchants boost payment conversions.

Experience has shown that new online merchants can find choosing a payment system and type of integration overwhelming. Usually, payment processing systems have long, complex registration processes. Systems that take too much time, require extra involvement from developers or integration managers will negatively impact each merchant’s business. Maxpay PSP helps solve all of these problems.

Along with being a complete solution, Maxpay PSP is one of the easiest payment processing products on the market to implement. The platform covers the needs of both small businesses that don’t have the technical staff to integrate payment processing systems and big companies who require strong analytical tools to increase conversion rates and manage subscription payments.

Maxpay PSP is a payment platform for merchants that resolves their primary problems.

The key advantages of this platform are:

  • fast and easy implementation without long technical manuals;
  • Н2Н (host to host ) or НРР (hosted payment page) options;
  • simple and user-friendly payment page settings, including the ability to create products, enter prices and currencies, and create a customized payment page without involving integration managers;
  • an interactive and clear dashboard with basic metrics that allow monitoring merchant activities (conversion, approval ratio, total amount) in real time;
  • a flexible analytical tool with reports on transactions, customers, chargebacks, approval ratio etc. that allows to quickly process data and analyze the results of work. All reports are simple to understand, while containing the main criteria to help merchants respond to changes quickly;
  • built-in tools to increase sales, including retry logic, discount logic, and repeat logic. All these tools will help merchants increase revenue as they result in more successful transactions;
  • subscriptions (recurring billing) are perfectly suited to companies working with subscriptions. It allows merchants to launch subscription websites quickly, without additional technical integration, and manage the complete customer lifecycle widgets (payment pages that can be created by a merchant for any kind of activity). Merchants can easily customize these pages and create widgets for any type of activity.

“When merchants first choose a PSP for their online business, they generally face the same problems of a long, difficult integration process, and a complex list of requirements and technical requirements. If they operate a small, online business, they may need to hire technical staff to integrate the system for them. On top of all of that, most systems only have a basic set of functions that don’t include analytical features or tools to manage payment outcome optimization.
This is why Maxpay PSP is a game changer. It is a simple, all-in-one solution that allows merchants to offer weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions; nudge customers with trials and discounts; create and provide unique products for different locations; add currencies; customize pages. It is also a flexible analytical tool with a full range of reports to help merchants automate billing and track their main business KPIs. The integration process doesn’t require special knowledge or skills. We have uploaded the integration libraries to GitHub to provide merchants with completely free access to Maxpay PSP and show that our platform takes payment processing to a whole new level.” – said Artem Tymoshenko, CEO Maxpay.