Maxpay Merchant Portal – the Easiest Way to Manage Your Payments

Maxpay Merchant Portal – the Easiest Way to Manage Your Payments

We begin our series on how Maxpay can help your online business with an article about the key features of the Merchant Portal.

The Merchant Portal by Maxpay is an online workspace with a complete set of tools for receiving, analyzing and managing payment traffic. Our solution will help you quickly and easily manage your online business payments performance.

Here are the most important functions of the merchant portal:

Dashboard. This is a screen that combines all critical performance metrics in one place: the current balance, the volume of transactions, the number of clients, the number of processed transactions, payment conversions, and the amount of money paid to customers. The dashboard allows you to keep an eye on the pulse of your business and manage your billing system in just a few clicks.

Maxpay Merchant Portal: the dashboard

Analytics is the section of the Merchant Portal where you can view and manage all your transactions and view various types of reports. This is a real analytical portal with an intuitive interface in which you can easily create and customize the presentation of data, save frequently used filters for rapid report generation, and export data. Quality reports on various aspects of the business make it possible to optimize processes and customize your payment system in the most convenient way for you.

Maxpay Merchant Portal: the customers section

The Customers section aggregates the data for customers, contains payment details, tools for making refunds, canceling the subscription, etc. It allows you to manage your customers by location, preferred products, or total amount spent. You always know who your customers are, what regions they are from and how much they spend on your products. Using this information, you can focus your marketing activities on certain regions or groups of people.

Maxpay Merchant Portal: customers management

Payment pages are a set of tools for accepting payments. Using the payment widget you can quickly create, configure and post a payment form on your site. Our widget supports various types of integration: PopUp, iFrame, Redirect, etc. This allows you to flexibly use the form on any website. Moreover, payment forms can be translated into more than 10 languages, and the list is constantly expanding – more.

Maxpay Merchant Portal: payments

The Products section contains a ready-made platform for the administration of sales. You can create products of different types: trial, subscription or with a fixed cost. In the product settings, you can also specify the cost and currency, make a product description, highlight it with a sticker, etc.

In addition, using Conversion tools allows you to increase the conversion of sales by setting and applying one of the “retry” or “discount” logic.

Maxpay Merchant Portal: retry logic

If you want to know more about the Maxpay Merchant Portal – you can visit Merchant Support, try a Demo on or ask your Account Manager.

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