Maxpay Welcomes Drupal and Magento Plugins to the Payments Family

Maxpay has plugins for Drupal and Magento

We have recently launched two payment plugins for merchants who use the Magento and Drupal platforms. The dedicated add-ons seamlessly integrate our secure payment processing directly into your e-commerce store. So you can easily process payments via Maxpay.

Step 1
Integrate the library (to download our latest plug-ins please click here for Magento and Drupal),
Step 2
Register at
Step 3
Start processing your payments easily.

Key facts

  • One payment interface for all relevant payment methods
  • Easily integrated
  • Compatible with current versions

If you have questions about the APIs, plugins, or anything else regarding Magento and Drupal Payment Modules integration, please contact our integration support team.

Plugins for other e-commerce platforms are in progress. Stay tuned for more information on their progress and launch dates.