Meet Maxpay at TES Affiliate Conference, September 13-16, in Prague!

Meet Maxpay at TES Affiliate Conference, September 13-16, in Prague!

Maxpay starts the busy autumn season with TES Affiliate Conference — event that brings together experts from online entertainment industries like gaming, gambling forex, e-commerce, health, dating, nutraceuticals – you name it. Three days of intensive networking might sound like a challenge but a little challenge never scared our sales team.

TES Affiliate Conference is a unique place where affiliates, media buyers, advertisers & publishers meet. During September 13-16, 2019, over 2000 delegates from over 80 countries will gather in beautiful Prague. Founded in 2009, The European Summit raises the bar every year, and this year is no exception. Kicking off with meet Market where exhibitors & delegates will gather to showcase their products/services and meet with attendees.

This year’s agenda is going to concentrate on new ways of content contribution, customer acquisition, and process automation. How to work effectively with global affiliates and, obviously, legal and compliance. We’re personally looking forward to a Financial Services panel that will discuss effective prevention of chargebacks. Also, it’s always useful to check a legal seminar that will discuss the GDPR, FOSTA/SESTA, 18 USC 2257, DMCA, and United States Privacy regulations that are on the way.

For merchants that are in entertainment industries like gaming, gambling, and dating, we recommend paying attention to a panel with regional advice (like new emerging dating market in Belgium) and fraud prevention (i.e. types of fraud prevention on the markets). Maxpay team is going to attend as well and ready to negotiate:
– lower processing rates;
– multiple accounts provision;
– sufficient acceptance ratio;
– effective fraud-prevention and chargeback re-presentment;
– sufficient velocity limit for your business.

Contact us at or to book a meeting. In case you’re missing the TES Affiliate Conference, we can always set up a call and discuss how Maxpay can help your business grow revenue and process more.