Welcome to the new look for the fraud prevention solution, Covery!

Welcome to the new look for the fraud prevention solution, Covery

In March, 2017, Maxpay announced the launch of Covery – it’s new fraud prevention solution.

Covery allows you to build whatever anti-fraud system you need. It helps merchants protect their online businesses from almost every type of fraud and reduces operational overhead by up to 95%.

The main advantages of Covery are:

  • the ability to connect your in-house data with ours
  • seamless integration with plug-and-go libraries
  • a combination of rule-based and machine learning approaches
  • a fully customizable rule engine
  • an intuitive user interface
  • individual machine learning scoring models
  • the ability to recognizes not only “bad” users but also “good” ones for a more personal touch
  • a free trial

From Covery’s launch, our team has been trying to find the image that would best portray the essence of its fraud prevention solution.
The central idea behind the logo is to capture Covery’s power, stability, safety and responsibility for its clients.

The design team spent days and nights to come up more than 50 options. We even asked for your opinion via our Facebook page.
And after all this hard work, we would like to present the new face of Covery!

Covery design

For more information about Covery click here