Welcome to the Maxpay Blog!

Welcome to the Maxpay Blog!
If you were used to thinking that payments were too complex, just hit subscribe and let us open your mind.

Digital commerce is the way of the future. Now you can make transactions in just a few clicks while sitting comfortably in bed. The relationship between companies and consumers has seen a lot of changes recently and only the most flexible businesses will be able to meet the expectation of most customers.

To help you be one of those businesses that succeed we decided to start sharing what we learned in our 10 years developing products using financial technologies and various payment systems.

In our blog we will:
• share personal opinions of our team on recent FinTech innovations
• provide you with relevant data-backed information
• review real-life payment processing cases

Information about Maxpay

As of the start of 2017, Maxpay works with 32 bank partners in Europe, USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Asia; has two data centers and in-house international staff all over the world. And this is just the beginning. We are growing fast and developing our platform to bring you the best merchant experience in payment processing. Here in our blog, we will share the latest news and important developments we are implementing.

The Maxpay team