Another milestone for Maxpay: we are GDPR compliant

Another milestone for Maxpay: we are GDPR compliant

Maxpay’s team continues improving the security policies and services to make our platform safer and user-friendly. And our efforts were recognized once again!

Maxpay is now GDPR compliant with the scope “Risk management and payment processing platforms for government-regulated financial institutions and any other online businesses”.

Not so long ago, our team also attained the ISO 27001 certificate, which greatly contributed to our GDPR compliance efforts!

What it means for Maxpay’s clients

The General Data Protection Regulation was established by the European Union and enforced on May 25, 2018. It is a set of regulations aimed at protecting the data of the EU citizens or residents, as they apply to any organization that collects and uses said data, no matter its location.

Now, when our payment gateway service provider is GDPR compliant, merchants can be sure that their data is safe with us. You will know exactly, what the information you provide is used for and can request that we erase it from our databases.

Our recent security-related technical and policy upgrades made Maxpay more resistant to data breaches than before. And our team is not planning to stop with the security upgrades, as these are necessary to keep up with compliance requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the GDPR certification or any other services Maxpay provides, feel free to contact us!