Maxpay is ISO 27001 certified after enhancing our data security system

Maxpay is ISO 27001 certified after enhancing our data security system

Security has always been our top priority, as Maxpay works on bettering this aspect of our payment gateway service provider every day. And hard work pays off.

Today, we proudly announce that Maxpay has successfully passed the certification audit for compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001 with a scope: “Risk management and payment processing platforms for government-regulated financial institutions and any other online businesses”.

A notable step in our data protection efforts worth two years of preparation. Our ISO 27001 certificate #4412121320190 can be found in the TÜV NORD Certificate Database.

What is ISO 27001 certification?

It’s an international standard, which emerged in 2005. Established by the International Organization for Standardization, it’s aimed at putting in place information security management requirements for companies. The standard lays out the necessary framework for businesses to implement the Information Security Management System to significantly boost and optimize data safety.

Companies aren’t required to be ISO 27001 certified, so getting the certificate was Maxpay’s conscious decision to get on a new level of protecting our customers’ data.

Maxpay and the ISO 27001 certificate

The finance industry faces many risks when it comes to the security of funds, as well as personal information. Maxpay’s team works relentlessly to keep all our services and features safe. Our team continuously improves and complies with the requirements of leading international information security standards.

To strengthen the safety aspects of our platform, we set out to certify our information security management systems under ISO 27001. And our mission was a success, as Maxpay is now fully certified.

The team made sure all the Information Security Management System (ISMS) processes linked to our risk management and payment processing platforms fully comply with said standard.

We reviewed and analyzed all the operations, upgraded the necessary tools to improve data security. And Maxpay has been PCI DSS level 1 v 3.2 compliant since 2015, undergoing yearly certification since then.

Maxpay has become an even more trustworthy entity for our clients and partners, as our team identified risks and put the best practice in place to minimize them. These updates protect us from the adverse publicity that comes with security breaches. And they also help satisfy tender or supply chain requirements and expand into new markets.

Our team’s approach promotes and recognizes the importance of information security, avoids confusion, and ensures the security of the data we process, store and transmit.

Speaking of security, if you haven’t already tried Maxpay’s fraud protection and chargeback prevention features, now’s a great time:

  • Reduce the number of friendly fraud chargebacks with the VMPI solution.
  • Get notified of confirmed card fraud to issue a timely refund with Ethoca Alerts.
  • Set up automatic refunds to avoid disputes with Verifi’s Rapid Dispute Resolution.
  • Discover all the necessary risk management tools from Covery, which now also notifies merchants when they run out of transaction reattempts to avoid additional charges.