Stop getting charged for transaction reattempts with Maxpay

Stop getting charged for transaction reattempts with Maxpay

Merchants have to deal with many rules and obstacles to keep their businesses afloat and their clients satisfied. And we at Maxpay understand the struggle.

Recently Visa grouped the decline response codes into four categories with a possible number of reattempts listed as well. Here’s how it looks like:

CategoryWhat it means
Issuer will never approveThe account has never existed or was blocked. Also includes cases when the transaction is not permitted due to permanent product/regulatory restrictions or transaction error.Not allowed
Issuer cannot approve at this timeIt includes temporary decline conditions. For instance, insufficient funds, issuer velocity controls, other temporary account restrictions. The temporary declines presume that the issuer may approve said transaction in the future. Sometimes, the cardholder themselves must step in to remove the restriction.Allowed up to 15 times in 30 days
Data quality (revalidate data prior to reattempt)These codes point at data quality issues, as in the provision of invalid payment or authentication data. Meaning, the transaction can be approved, is the issuer gets the correct data. High occurrences of response codes in these categories may indicate insufficient Merchant risk protection controls such as velocity checks and pre-validation of basic account information (e.g. Mod-10 or expiry date).Allowed up to 15 times in 30 days
Generic response codesThis category is for the rest of the codes, many of them hardly allow determining their reattempt strategy. Issuer usage should remain minimal.Allowed up to 15 times in 30 days

As you can see, there are limits on the number of reattempts merchants can make within a certain period. And if the number is exceeded, the merchant will be charged a fee.

So, to avoid unnecessary charges, merchants can turn to Maxpay and Covery – one of the top anti-fraud solutions developed by our specialists.

Covery detects said decline reasons and would not let the merchant charge the client again once the limit is reached. It will save your business multiple fee-related headaches. The feature is free, to enable it – contact your account manager.

And this is not the only security feature Maxpay provides. Learn how else you can manage risks with Covery, avoid chargebacks with VMPI, or issue automatic refunds with Rapid Dispute Resolution from Verifi.