Deferrered Reports are the New Analytical Tool for Maxpay Merchants

Deferrered Reports are the New Analytical Tool for Maxpay Merchants

As we announced in early 2018, we have been actively working on our product so that you can enjoy some new, useful features. Another useful feature from Maxpay is the Deferred reports for Analytics. We are proud of the Analytics unit for the Merchant portal. Since reports have a flexible structure, they are easily customized to your requirements and use the features of the systems that work with Big Data.

Some info about features we had already introduced to the Analytics section is available HERE. And now to the Deferred reports. Why are they needed and how can they be useful?

In order to conduct a detailed analysis of your business or to close the reporting period you may need a large sample of transactions for a month, or even for three months. Moreover, you need to export it to a *.CSV file in order to be able to work with the report.

Any large report requires more resources to create, and considering that we are given almost unlimited opportunities when working with analytical tools (after all, we ourselves use the same tools), system resources may be in higher demand. Therefore, we implemented the deferred report functionality, which frees you up in the construction of complex reports with large amounts of data. From now on, there will not see “No data to display”, unless the data is really missing.

It all works very simply. You form the requirements for the report and click “Create a deferred report”.

These reports are:

  1. User friendly – from now all the reports that need to be received in * .CSV are uploaded via the functionality of the deferred report
  2. The number of orders is unlimited, the period of availability of the report for download is 1 day
  3. At the same time, traditional reports are available on the WEB via the “Run report”
  4. For convenience, there are:
    • status indicators – In progress, Done
    • request body – will allow you to see differences in queries
    • the ability to delete, including while the report is not ready for download