Maxpay and Covery Join Forces to Reduce Customer Risk and Increase Revenue

We are pleased to announce a special winter offer from Maxpay and Covery for all new merchants who join us before the end of February 2018.

Each new merchant who joins Maxpay during this period and has a processing volume of more than €30.000 in the first month, gets a FREE 6-month subscription for Covery Marketing anti-fraud package.

How does it work?

When you start processing via Maxpay, Covery takes care of your transactions to prevent payment fraud and mitigate risks. However, a lot of fraud usually happens before this stage. Covery Marketing anti-fraud allows you to spot fraud much earlier than when you get to actually processing transactions, as well as makes sure that you receive qualitative traffic so that you can cave on marketing expenses.

Take a look at the offer details here: Covery + Maxpay Special Winter Offer

Detailed information is available from Maxpay and Covery representatives. You can contact them via email: