Maxpay Released a New Plugin for Merchants, Using WooCommerce Platform

Maxpay launched a payment plugin for merchants who use the WooCommerce platform

The Maxpay team is continuing to work on updating our platform and launching new services for our customers. Today, we are proud to announce that we have recently launched a new payment plugin for merchants who use the WooCommerce platform.

The dedicated add-on seamlessly integrates our secure payment processing directly into your e-commerce store. Therefore, you can easily process payments with Maxpay in just three steps:

Step 1
Install the payment gateway plugin (download the 
WooCommerce plugin)
Step 2
Obtain Credentials from MaxPay Commerce Gateway
Step 3
Connect to WooCommerce

Detailed instructions can be found on our site.

Key advantages:

  • One payment interface for all relevant payment methods
  • Easy integration
  • Compatible with current versions

If you have questions about the APIs, plugins, or anything else regarding WooCommerce Payment Module integration, please visit our Help Center or contact our integration support team.

As a reminder, plug-ins for Drupal and Magento are already available.

Stay tuned for more information about plugins for other e-commerce platforms and their launch dates.