Payment processing in Europe for foreign businesses: Maxpay’s company incorporation services

Payment processing in Europe for foreign businesses: Maxpay’s company incorporation services

Work with European acquirers through business incorporation

Doing business, while exciting, is not always easy. Unfortunately, even appealing ideas like branching out to other countries might meet issues. Even if your product is much-in-demand and you believe it will be successful abroad, you still need to deal with loads of documentation and find a reliable bank to work with. 

All these take precious time, and you don’t want to lose that to potential competitors and unnecessary expenses. Maxpay’s team considered these complications and came up with a solution. 

Companies that work outside the European Union can open incorporation legal entity in the EU with Maxpay

Want to work with the banks that provide the best acquiring solutions within the European Union? Contact our team at, so we can figure out, which company incorporation services you require. 

Company incorporation legal entity with Maxpay

When getting to work in the European Union, banks require different sets of documents from businesses. These are the business incorporation services Maxpay offers to our clients, so you can work with acquirers from the EU:

Company incorporation. We will prepare all the necessary conditions and tools for you to manage the EU-based legal entity incorporation. Make yourself known among the European customers and process their money seamlessly. 

The company secretary and office space. When working within the EU, you will be getting correspondence from banks, hence you will need a corporate secretary and an office space. 

Fiduciary services. These services imply the management of the client’s financial matters and advisory on how to do business. Get help in company management from a team of skilled and experienced professionals. 

Accounting and/or auditing services. Some extra assistance in accounting and auditing matters is never superfluous. Let Maxpay’s team of professionals handle your financial statement assurance, forecasts & projections. 

Settlement account opening. Another thing you will need is a current account for your business needs, so you can deal with European banks and financial institutions of your choosing.

VAT registration. Most companies are required to have a Value-Added Tax (VAT) number, so they can be identified as a taxable business or a non-taxable legal entity. We complete the VAT registration for you, listing the company with the government as active in production and sales.

VAT report and VAT MOSS scheme reporting. To get the VAT return, the business submits VAT reports, usually on regular basis. In the report, the VAT-eligible transactions of a business over a specified accounting period are indicated. As for the VAT mini one-stop-shop (MOSS) scheme, it allows lowering the price on the company for the supply of telecommunications, broadcasting, and other electronic services to non-taxable persons. And Maxpay covers the reports for you as well.

Are you looking for similar services but didn’t join Maxpay yet? We provide many more services than incorporation. 

Our team is vastly experienced in working with high-risk businesses and we provide merchant accounts for them with many security tools to protect your money. Managing your funds is easy, as all the operations are tracked online.

With Maxpay, you can rest assured that the transactions are safe from fraud and chargebacks, as we offer a plethora of tools for that, like Covery anti-fraud platform, Ethoca Alerts, and VMPI solutionsContact us, so we can answer any questions you have.