Web application or mobile application? The best options for opening and using online banking

Web application or mobile application? The best options for opening and using online banking

In the open online banking sphere, users ought to feel confident and comfortable accessing and managing their own financial space. This Maxpay article is meant to highlight the difference between web applications and mobile ones for internet banking.

What is a web app?

A web application is app software that launches on a web server via a web browser. It is different from computer-based software programs and also from websites. In the first case, a web app is distinct from a regular Windows or Mac program because it does not run on the local operating system. In the second case, web apps are not websites cause any website is a set of interlinked pages accessible by a single domain name, while a web application is software accessible by any web browser.

ProgramWebsiteWeb app
The program that runs locally on the deviceThe set of web pages available by the domain name via browsersThe program that is accessible via browsers

There is no need to download web applications as they are available via the internet network. Instead, a user can utilize it simply through a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

For its functionality, a web app must have a web server, application server, and database. Web servers deal with requests that come from a user, while the application server completes requested tasks. A database stores in itself all the needed information for the task complement.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile application is a program or software meant to be launched on a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet, or watch. It is different from an online banking desktop app launched on PC, Mac, and other operational systems. It is also different from a web app, which runs in browsers but is not directly connected to the mobile device.

Mobile applicationDesktop applicationWeb application
Runs on the mobile deviceRuns on the computerLaunches via browser

Mobile apps offer an isolated and limited functionality, as they are removed from integrated software systems. Another distinct characteristic is that they are built for a single mobile operating system such as iOS and Android, and it would be quite impossible to install not a native app on the device. In simple words, an iOS application won’t work on the Android system.

What is better for online banking?

In the open online banking sphere, finding a comfortable and confident platform of interaction matters. And various factors ensure quality, such as security, usability, design, and mobility. Let’s closely examine the pros and cons of online banking apps and web apps.

Online banking appsWeb apps
Security. Online banking apps are very well secured, as they are built for the single operational system, and they can use biometrical validation tools such as fingerprint or face ID.Accessibility. As they do not need to be downloaded, any person with or without a device can access open online banking.
Speed. Often online banking apps can be faster, especially online banking desktops.Layout and content flexibility. Due to various screen sizes adaptation, web apps can offer broad content and more interactive design.
Downloading. An online banking app must be downloaded on the device, meaning that the device has to be recent and updated.Internet connection. There is no possibility to use these apps without a stable internet for open online banking.
Extra access. Devices might use extra data from the location, microphone, and camera without proper monitoring of a user.Safety. Normally, online banking apps are more secure as they have to be approved by the app stores.

Web services with Maxpay

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Which is better: the web application or the mobile application for open online banking?

That depends if a person owns a mobile device or not. But besides that, normally, mobile apps are more secure. In comparison, web apps can offer a better design and broader content.

What is the difference between web applications and mobile applications for online banking?

The main difference is between a device possessing and needing an internet connection. For the mobile app, a user must obtain a recent device with updated soft. For the web app, a client should have a stable connection.

What are mobile and web applications for online banking?

They both offer the way a client can access and manage financial space. First, offer a more mobile way that would run on the device. Second, it provides a more accessible option that has to be launched via browser.