Maxpay’s 2020: a year of events and updates

Maxpay’s 2020: a year of events and updates

It’s easy to let the flow of time escape you, when you work hard to contribute to your customers and the industry. We at Maxpay experienced just that in 2020: though the year was distressing for many people and businesses, our team powered through all the challenges, delivering our services consistently and updating the product.

And now, it’s time for us to look back at the biggest events and achievements that graced this year for our company.

Meeting up with great professionals and clients

2020 started with a bang, as we attended TES Affiliate Conferences in Cascais, Portugal. Even though we’ve visited hundreds of events over the years, this one was very memorable: our team consulted many professionals and shared first-hand knowledge on how to secure payments and decrease the number of chargebacks. 

Not only that, but we cherish the memories of meeting up with our clients and people, who need guidance in the financial industry, as most of the conferences were canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Maxpay’s insights earned us a place at Forbes Councils 

But where we’ve missed out on events, Maxpay’s team peaked up in educational and insightful content. Starting April, we’ve posted a plethora of useful articles in our blog: from advice on how to manage a high-risk business and deal with disputes to forecasts about the payments industry and new services emerging. 

And recently Maxpay’s CEO Artem Tymoshenko became a part of Forbes Finance Council, which is an invitation-only organization, which the executives of senior-level financial services can enter. He already gave valuable tips on chargeback prevention in his article for the Council.

Accessibility is key: improving the product

Even six years later, our team continues making our services as convenient, safe, and seamless, as possible. For one, we’ve amplified Maxpay’s accessibility for people who use Shopify. They can open a merchant account within Maxpay and connect to Shopify by just installing a free plugin to use both services to their full potential. We also have plugins for integration with WooCommerce, Magento, OXID, OpenCart, Drupal, and PrestaShop.

Another crucial thing for merchants we capitalize on is chargeback and fraud protection. Maxpay offers Covery anti-fraud platform tools for risk management, VMPI solution to prevent chargebacks related to friendly fraud, and Ethoca Alerts, which notify merchants about cardholder confirmed fraud in a near-real-time. Visit our website for more information about Maxpay’s services.

Maxpay acknowledged in many ways during the year

We at Maxpay are truly payments’ enthusiasts, making us very invested in every aspect of the industry and our services, working on enhancing those every day. And it’s not only customers who notice that. Maxpay got into Financial Times’ list of 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe, taking 306th place with a compound annual growth rate of 85,7%.

Not only that, but Maxpay was awarded as the Best Online Business Payment Service Provider in Malta of 2020 during Acquisition International magazine’s Global Excellence Awards. And Artem Tymoshenko was named the Online Payments CEO of the year in Europe by Global CEO Excellence Awards.

But to our team, the greatest and the most significant acknowledgment emanates from the clients, who are satisfied with our services. Your support is what motivates Maxpay to go far and beyond to deliver the services our clients deserve. We wish you happy holidays and eagerly waiting for 2021 to show, what else Maxpay has got in store for you.