The payment gateway for an online store

The payment gateway for an online store

Unlike other businesses, online stores must accept payments online in a secure and legal way. To do so, a business should set up a payment gateway technology on the website. This article explains what an online gateway is, how it works, how it looks, and how to set it up in a secure way.

What is a payment gateway, and why do you need it for an online shop?

A payment gateway is a web-based tool that allows you to accept card payments on the website. A gateway basically connects your website to the payment processor. A payment processor is responsible for the transaction sustain: it flows data between inner banking networks and redirects available money from a customer’s account to a merchant’s account.

How does an online gateway look?

Well, in fact, an online gateway is just a system tool of redirection that works in the background of the website, and so it is invisible. But there is a point where a customer interacts with it. 

When a client goes to the checkout page of the online shop, he or she inputs billing and shipping info and then clicks to buy. This is the moment when an online gateway launches. From this point, the transaction is being processed, and the payment will be accepted or declined based on the funds’ availability, electronic payment limit, and fraud checks.

How to set up a payment gateway for an online store?

To set up a gateway, you need a reliable provider. We recommend Maxpay. It offers businesses payment technologies, merchant accounts, fraud protection, and chargeback alerts. Also, the provider assigns a private manager to each client in order to follow the business evolution from the very beginning.

Maxpay gateway solution allows a business to accept payments in multiple currencies, along with alternative payment methods. The payment page is integrated into the website and can be customized according to the online shop’s design. 

And at last, the provider has major compliances such as GDPRPCI DSS, and PSD2, which ensures the security of payments. Not just do we have compliances, but we also assist merchants in becoming compliant and accepting payments legally and responsibly.


How can I get an online payment gateway on my website?

You need to partner with a gateway provider. We recommend Maxpay. It offers payment services, fraud protection, and chargeback alerts to online stores. Besides that, Maxpay grants every merchant a private customer support manager to provide your business with constant attention.

Which payment gateway is best for small businesses?

Any small business needs special attention and good IT support when it comes to setting up a payment gateway for the online store. Maxpay supplies businesses with a full payment acceptance technology, along with fraud protection and chargeback alerts. To find out how your business can benefit from us, address the sales department.

How do I set up an online payment gateway?

To set up an online gateway for an online shop, you need a reliable provider. We advise checking out Maxpay. It has experience in working with online stores and providing them with a full payment cycle. Besides that, Maxpay issues merchant online accounts for businesses in the UK, USA, and European Union states, including Portugal.

Which payment gateway is best for eCommerce stores?

A gateway that functions in a secure way and allows a merchant to accept payments in many currencies, along with alternative payment methods. In this case, we recommend Maxpay. It provides businesses with secure payment technologies, top customer support, and many payment options.